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Local Reentry Council Definition

An organized network of individuals and agencies that provide supervision and coordination of innovative responses to the reintegration of offenders/formerly incarcerated individuals at the local level

Local Reentry Council Purpose 

To help bring together all stakeholders who could offer assistance and resources to help offenders/formerly incarcerated individuals to become productive citizens, reduce recidivism, and victimization

Local Reentry Council Members

  • Formerly Incarcerated Individuals
  • Local Prison Facilities
  • Community Corrections
  • Division of Juvenile Justice
  • Alcohol & Chemical Dependency Programs
  • County Public Health Department
  • County Department of Social Services
  • Local Mental Health Professional(s) & Advocate(s)
  • Local Workforce Development Board
  • Local Division of Workforce Solutions
  • County Public Housing Authority
  • Local Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Local Community College
  • Local Community Action Agencies
  • Local City/Town Council Member(s)
  • Local City/Town Representative(s)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce Representative(s)
  • County Court System Representative(s)
  • County Commissioner(s)
  • County Sheriffs’ Department
  • County District Attorney’s Office
  • County Clerk of Courts
  • Local City/Town Police Department
  • Legal Aid Representative
  • Local Public Defenders Office
  • Local Service Providers (Faith-Based & Non-Profit Organizations)
  • Local Employers



We have a working document we’re using as the plan for reentry in Wake County. Take a look! There will be holes – but we’re working on it!

Meeting Notes/Minutes